Turning Point 

Turning Point’s mission is to empower and transform the mind, body and spirit of individuals, families, and friends living with serious or chronic physical illness. We provide innovative education services and tools that inspire people to take charge of their illness and live life to its fullest. Make a gift today!


The Goals of Turning Point

  • Provide a gathering place where people living with serious or chronic physical illness can come together for innovative, skill-based education and support programs.

  • Help individuals with illnesses and their families better manage the illness process, reduce symptoms and increase coping skills.

  • Partner with the medical community and provide education through workshops, lectures and information relating to the different aspects of disease and treatment, complementary therapies and current disease-specific topics.

  • Provide programs that help children deal with the illness of other family members. Activities such as art, music, relaxation and play therapy are provided to assist in the development of coping skills and to help the children through the illness process. Partner with other child-centered organizations to provide these programs on site and in the community.

  • Provide links and co-sponsor programs with other illness-related organizations, hospitals, churches, synagogues, businesses, community organizations and schools. Be a leading support community and resource center for the Kansas City area by providing support, education and information so that the medical community can refer patients knowing that the services offered are an important adjunct to their regular medical treatment.

  • Offer training for the community and for other health professionals and to create a model that can be replicated in other areas of the country.

Why I give

Fortunate a Place Like This Exists

“There’s a beauty in what they do; from education to respect and counseling to praise, Turning Point was there for me when I didn’t know where else to go. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, and they didn’t expect me to. They understand when others don’t. They give you strategies to cope and help you find different avenues for dealing with your condition. They are a resource full of wonderful suggestions, all while giving you a sense of normalcy. We are so fortunate that a place like this exists.” 

Naomi Kauffman



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