Why I Give

The reasons for giving to The University of Kansas Health System are perhaps best expressed by the men and women who contribute. Individual stories of hope and healing have inspired many gifts to our health system, ensuring a legacy of excellent medical care.


Below are just a few giving testimonials from individuals who have contributed to The University of Kansas Health System.

Steve and Jewelda Scofield

Belleville, Kansas 

Doing our part 

We came to The University of Kansas Health System five years ago when Jewelda was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. We were so impressed with our experience and the care we received that we wanted to play a role in the hospital’s efforts to continue helping others. From new medical discoveries to advanced equipment to the concerned, helpful staff (ranging from the specialists to housekeeping employees), we are pleased to assist so others can benefit from treatment.

After completing our pledge to help build Cambridge Tower A, we are regular donors to many departments of the hospital and health system. We are happy to help and do our small part.

Donald C. Cannon
Lee's Summit, Missouri 

Support for the future 
The University of Kansas Health System has what I consider to be the right idea – you don’t give every dollar to basic research. You need significant funds going for studies to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery as well as for bricks-and-mortar projects, like new hospitals and clinics. We’ll always need funds for the care of sick folks, like I’ve frequently been over the past few years.



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