Why I Give

The reasons for giving to The University of Kansas Health System are perhaps best expressed by the men and women who contribute. Individual stories of hope and healing have inspired many gifts to our health system, ensuring a legacy of excellent medical care.


Below are just a few giving testimonials from individuals who have contributed to The University of Kansas Health System.

Drown Out Cancer Foundation

Making waves against colon cancer 

Before Dr. Tyghe Nielsen lost his nearly six-year battle with colon cancer, the Nielsen family started the Drown Out Cancer Foundation in 2012. Here, Tyghe’s wife, Karin, discusses why they formed the foundation and why they chose to give to The University of Kansas Cancer Center.
“Within 10 weeks after Tyghe decided he wanted to do something to stop colon cancer, we established the foundation, put together our board of directors and held our first event,” said Karin.

“We try to hold two or three swim events every summer and conclude our efforts annually with a larger event in the fall. To date, we’ve raised nearly $300,000 for The University of Kansas Cancer Center and Cambridge Tower A, working with the Annette Bloch Challenge Grant to double that contribution. It was extremely important to us to support the establishment of Cambridge Tower A to expand the services The University of Kansas Health System can offer to cancer patients. A portion of our funds will establish an oncology waiting room.

“Additionally, we’ve established the Drown Out Cancer for Patients in Need Fund that helps oncology patients with limited financial resources. With both of our backgrounds in healthcare, Tyghe and I saw many patients who just didn’t have the resources or support to battle their illnesses. We wanted to do something to directly help people with issues like affording transportation or medications.

“I think Tyghe would be proud of the foundation and the impact we’ve had on the battle to fight colon cancer and help other patients. We are extremely thankful for our board members, donors and generous sponsors who help us fulfill this legacy.”

Diane Fate 
Holton, Kansas  

A helping hand 
Being a breast cancer patient isn’t easy. We live an hour and a half away from The University of Kansas Cancer Center, so my husband, Don, and I understand firsthand how costly and tiring it is to travel back and forth to treatment. Since my diagnosis in July 2016, my community generously raised money in my honor on several occasions. However, I didn’t feel comfortable taking the money. I felt like others needed a helping hand much more than I did. We started a foundation, the Diana Fate Family Oncology Patients in Need Fund, to help others with money for gas, food, a place to stay, medications, childcare or other needs that come along with being a patient. The cancer center was my home away from home, and I want others to be able to experience that without worrying about how they will get there or being bothered by other concerns.


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